Why I Love Being Me...all The Time.

1) I'm beautiful (That may sound full of myself but honestly every woman should think they are beautiful...I love the way God made me :) )

2) I have an amazing family (My parents are great...I have a really cool brother...just good people all around)

3) I am emotionally charged (This allows me to really put my heart and soul into everything I do)

4) I love to perform (I am an actress and currently in school for a vocal degree...singing/acting and just being on stage has been such an influential part of my life, I really dont know what kind of person I would be if my parents had not let me pursue these goals)

5) I have really good taste in music/film (that may sound pretentious...and it is ;) )
brittanyranee brittanyranee
3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

1. I'm 60 and I'm fine with it 2. I'm a grandma to 3 little girls 3. My son is the most wonderful person on the planet followed by his wife 4. I rarely lose my temper - I can only think of two major meltdowns in my life 5 I live by the Serenity Prayer

Thank you, I feel very blessed.

You are very lucky. ^^