Myself smile ,its so captivating , always people compliment me because of my cute smile. its a god gift that attracts people to me alot. eyes, its also appealing & attracts attention. voice, people even suggested me that if I do lil practice , I can sing well. self motivating quality, always encourages me to bulid up myself, to make myself more improved & groomed. loving & understanding nature.

sanasafinaz sanasafinaz
26-30, F
6 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Hey beautiful...nice to hear.. :)

A nice smile goes a long way.

very much we do......

So, we also have resemblance in our looks :)))?????

Wow, you know what, if i continue to read abt u more, i might start falling in love with u....!<br />
by the way, even i get dimples when i smile.

Oh... that's quite a nice list especially self motivation quality. I truly have nothing in me from list but just that I'm understanding.<br />
Here goes mine...<br />
I'm understanding<br />
I'm reserved&quiet<br />
I can listen to tantrums calmly<br />
I don't give in to superficial<br />
I'm indifferent