What I Like About Me.

1. My Eyes. I love my eyes, and my eyelashes, and how I can blink really fast. they're a different color blue, and they change.

2. My Intelligence. I'm smart, I'm not going to boast about it, so erm, yeah.

3. My Personality. I try really hard to be nice, though sometimes it can be difficult when people are being rude, but still, I try my best.

4. My Sence of Humor. I love laughing, and its great exercize! I try to make jokes out of as much as possible(unless it's inapropriot to)

5. My Ability to not Judge, and to see bothe sides of the story. It isn't fair to just assume one thing before you know all the facts, or the whole story. I wouldn't want somebody judging me, or assuming things about me, so I wont about you. Even if your story is completely unbelievable, I'll still listen.
Venus124 Venus124
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 31, 2010

All good qualities.