Omg, This Was Hard. O_o

Umm...err...okay, let's do this. I'm tired of always thinking negative things about myself, so it's high time I wrote something positive!

1. I'm nice. I can't be rude to people, even if I don't like them. :)

2. My artistic talents. I love my art and I'm proud of them.

3. My eyelashes. They're naturally curled and I don't even need mascara. Isn't that awesome? :P

4. I'm humble. I'm easy to please, I never boast and I can be satisfied with what I have. =)

5. I'm loyal. I'll stand by my friends, keep their secrets and be there for them...unless they betray me. I forgive, but I never forget. :)

*closes eyes and hits 'submit' button before she changes her mind and deletes the story*

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Can totally relate to that =) that made me smile

I am jealous of the curly eye lashes lol

i can't think of one thing.

self loathing,is all i have.

My old profile gotten hacked.

Hey Peanlo :D

so I created a new one.

WOLFIE???? *gasps* where you beeeenn??????

Wolfie?! *tackles* Where did you disappear off to??

Hey sis :) Its me wolfie, I still remember how wonderful you are *hugs* miss you.

I'm grateful that I am smart and logical

I'm grateful for the motivation I have to get me up in the morning to workout 5 days a week

I'm grateful that I have many interests in life to keep me busy and happy

I'm grateful for my artistic talents too!! :)

Umm...good? O.o

I see and how does that make u feel?

I'm dorky.

I'm honest.

I'm creative.

I'm a woman.

I'm humble.

You're my long lost twin, you're biased. :P

Those are only 5 of your hundreds of millions of good qualities and traits! =]

It's high time that you learn to think positively about yourself.

It's high time that you learn to think positively about yourself.

1. I'm loving and compassionate

2. I take time to notice natures wonder and power, and am in awe.

3. I am very analytical.

4. I have a great imagination

5. I love to help others

wolfie - Awwwww. *hugs*

supermother2010 - Hey, I'm Asian too. :) Where are you from?

Shaylon - Haha. Cool. :D

WOW! It is like you are me only much YOUNGER!

I'm a hero to Wolfie and other friends on here.

I'm Asian.

I'm living in Canada

I'm not special

I'm a woman.