I Wonder What I'll Come Up With

Everyone else has such great lists, I'm a little hestitant to write one but I am going to give it a go.

Hmmm...still thinking...isn't it terrible that I can think of plenty of faults but when it comes to things that I like about myself, nothing comes to mind straight away. I guess this a evolutionary advantage in some ways...it means that I have reason to always be improving myself. It's a way to keep myself in check...never getting too big for my boots. But I know that having a healthy self esteem has a lot to do with being able to see the good in myself. It's intersting that many of the things that we like about ourselves is still very much something that is often measured against what is perhaps percieved as the norm and valued in our society.

Just avoiding the real issue here. me.

Okay here goes...

1. I am energetic and full for enthusiam, passion when I think something is a good idea. I have a strong drive for getting things started along the road to success...I forge forward...I lead the horse to water and keep at it until it drinks! lol

2.I make solid friendships...my friendships are deep, and something I value more than anything else in my life.

3.I the accidental artist...haphardly creative...

4 I am brave enough to speak up for myself and those who are a little shy.

5.I notice the small details in my surrounds..and take the time to enjoy them
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i am an new self study in deutshe i need have every story wireitted in deutshe

lol...kidding Graham!!! <br />
<br />
Yes...haven't given up on it yet.

Oh. ****. Am I being held responsible for that?<br />
<br />
Hey, just because it isn't a success yet, doesn't make it a failure. Persevere.

lol...the things that turn you on! Ok...when I get over the expense of my last purchase, encouraged by you ;) (still licking the wounds on that one so to speak!!)

That's what I did the first time I read it. It's not exactly a plot-driven book. More of a loosely strung together series of erotic encounters ba<x>sed around sexual slavery and dominance.<br />
<br />
My favourite bit was the scene where a male slave is tied to a wall and largely ignored - but has to keep himself hard. Later, someone dresses his erection up in some decorative leather device. He isn't consulted or addressed in any way - he simply stands there while his mistress does exactly what she wants to him. For some reason, the fact that he was ob<x>jectified to that extent turned me on completely. It was very hot.

hmmm...still not sure TNP...MM doesn't do it for me either! but it's true...I could just skip the bits I don't like.

I don't remember that scene. I must have blocked it.<br />
<br />
IsShe, the books are good. The story is about a kingdom where some people are sex slaves for a limited period. When their time is up, they can own their own sex slaves. A slave is kept continually naked and can be enjoyed by anyone. Their body literally exists for the pleasure of others.<br />
<br />
I definitely had fantasies about being one of the slaves. Although when I first read it, the homo-erotic elements kind of turned me off. But then... I kept going back to one part and re-reading the scene where one male slave had to suck off all the other slaves.<br />
<br />
Don't let the ******* part put you off. Just skip past that scene. I think I must have done.

AP...you crack me up! ******** self laughing*<br />
<br />
*mental note...don't google beauty* sorry guys...that is just not for me!!<br />
<br />
BAD TNP! You didn't warn me!

*makes mental note to google Beauty and to order online if if looks exciting*<br />
<br />
You are nothing but a BAD influence on me TNP!<br />
<br />
As for AP...I'm sure our dog would love to help you lick your balls :)

I read Anne RIce's "Beauty" trilogy a few years ago. If IsShe is going to chain me to a tree, I'm starting to think the books are going to be like her reality. Still... I'm game.

Well, if worse come to worse, I think our dog might take a liking to him...

I'm sure he smells better than the dog?

xRocks, I think we are going to have to invest into a number of cans of Glen 20 (disinfectant spray) and mouth freshener, if AP is going to be let off that chain :(

Tie them up in the office for easy access xRocks? Good thinking 99!

Isshe you have to treat them with respect, mind. Given that we keep our dog in the office half the time, I don't know that we're going to get away with tying up our guests...

P.S. you can both holler as much as you like...we are miles and miles from anywhere...no-one will hear you :)

Funny that TNP...I was raised in a family where modesty was not so big...Mum would boast to anyone about anything she thought was better than average. She was keen that I got top grades (I was a bit of a disappointment, unless you took into account my Art grades...not your typical academic subject that you could boast to your Asian friends and family about!). But I guess, nothing was ever good enough for my father...so perhaps he had a greater effect on my abilities to see the things that I like about myself.<br />
<br />
Funny that you should say that about me being good at multi-tasking...this was something that I was having a bit of a whinge about recently...how I really wasn't a real women bc of my inability to multi-task! <br />
<br />
And...oh goodie...two boys to chain to a tree and play with whenever I fancy ;)

I think we're raised with this attitude that we shouldn't be "bragging" all the time. It's instilled in us from a very early age. And if we say something good about ourselves, we often have someone else standing by ready to remind us of an occasion where we WEREN'T brave or strong or clever. Or ready to point out where those things can be perceived as flaws. List self-confidence and there'll be an arsehole ready to tell us that we're simply arrogant.<br />
<br />
Am I being negative? I just mean that's why we often find it tough to list our good qualities.<br />
<br />
I'll add to your list, though... despite the fact that our interaction has only been via an internet connection.<br />
<br />
Hospitality... I find it amazing that you know so little about me, but have still invited me into your home.<br />
<br />
Creativity... In a very specific sense that X is clearly aware of.<br />
<br />
Flexibility... it seems like you're very good at multi-tasking, from what I can see.<br />
<br />
Oh, and I'd like to put myself on the adoption list, too. I'll gnaw on a kangaroo foot, though. Even if it's just so I can tell my friends back home that I did it once. Got to add to the list of experiences. I still need to top that one about being surrounded by howling wolves.

Eat up AP. You need to replace all that iron that you loss. And AP! What do you think we are??? Look behind you...we HAVE chained you to a tree....yes, although small, what we have chained you to IS a tree. We don't get a tenth of the rain that you get in Singapore where we live. And by world standards, the trees that grow around here do look a bit like shrubs :(

Imogen...the honesty issue is a difficult one. You are right, for every this I have listed, there are parts of these things that have faults...this is what I really struggled with when writing them, not letting the negatives that I see what I do get the better of me and stopping myself from feeling good about some of the things that sometime am good at.<br />
<br />
Imogen I would like you to have a go...

Andrew...now you have me going *all teary now* Thanks for your list...and your vote of confidence on my cooking skills....lol...you haven't even tasted my food!...and to tell you the truth, I would be scared witless if I had to cook for you...even more so than the meal I had to cook last night for a Korean French Chef (which btw, was a bit of a flop...in terms of the food). I know you know what authentic dishes taste like...I would have to cook a isshe unique dish...and I am not sure that I have one! I think what you have read is just my general love of food....and I am not sure that can truthfully say that I like that about myself, can I? <br />
<br />
BUT...what I do like about myself is how I have passed on my love of food and books to my children. I am proud that my children love food and love to cook. They value books and rarely does a day pass when they have not read for at least an hour. Books excite them.<br />
<br />
And btw Andrew, I would adopt you in a flash...my kids would adore you...Master 12 and 14 would make you act out all the TV advertisements you have memorised for your stunt nephew, again and again and **** themselves laughing (Miss 17 is too cool to admit that she was laughing at you because it was funny...but laugh anyway). xRocks and I would be sitting on the edge of our seats as we yakked away around the kitchen table about anything and everything...when you get better you'd better come out here on a writers retreat...isolation, quiet, solitude...all that...TNP and I will give you some new material for you to write about...we'd even probably pretend that we were in a different era :))

Thank Jimmy. I try to remember that...you are right it does help...it is sort of like having a thick skin...only that you take your mistake on board and learn from it instead of being completely arrogant and ignoring it and pretending that it never happened. I think part of my problem is that I dwell on things too much...worry about what people are thinking mistakes, or even just perceive to be mistakes.

1, 2 and 4 should get your self-esteem up a couple of notches, as those are qualities -not only to be proud of, but qualities not everybody has.<br />
Self-esteem also has to do with accepting failure; not be afraid of it, but accept the consequances and, learn, and try to do better. Don't see failure as something negative, rather something positive because you can learn from it ;)

Hi Tam...so you are the person behind the xray avatar! <br />
<br />
GW...hmm....I thought that was the case...I just wish I could capture those high self esteem moments and keep them with me for a rainy day.

Sometimes I do...I love those moments...<br />
<br />

Well, I wish you could see you like we all see you, then.

Nope...I think it would be much better to think the way you do EH...I don't like automatically thinking negative thoughts about myself...

Is, all I know is that I inherantly see the good. But life smaks me around often enough that I remember the bad bits of me a plenty. I think it's better to be the way you are, in some ways. Prepared. Dont you think?

I wonder if this is something most people go through or ijust those who have a low self esteem...and I wonder if this a mostly a learnt behaviour or an inheritant one...

...and some really good positives too...

What I found interesting was that I kept automatically thinking of the things that I don't about myself...I knew that would happen if I tried to make myself do a list like this...

Another beautiful list. 'Here, here'.