This Is My Kind Of Group!!

I wish more people would join groups like this instead of the depressing ones like living alone, lost my job, wife left me ect ect. I go through hardships too, dont get me wrong, but we don't celebrate the good things as much as a we cry over the bad!!

1. I love everyone. I never judge people on looks, their skin color, what language they speak or what others have told me about them. I judge on how you treat me. PERIOD. I love everyone. I don't hate and I believe you can never know to many people.

2. I can make you laugh! I hate seeing people upset and I'll do ANYTHING to make them smile! Haha I dont mind being a goof it it cheers someone up. I'll jump up and down doing jumping jacks if itl make you feel better. Make goofy faces, tell a ridiculous story or buy a cake just for you! Nothing is to silly!!

3. I make myself laugh! ahah I'm always laughing, like literally nonstop. Sometimes I crack myself up just sitting by myself and everyone will look at me like I have two heads. Sometimes Im in my own little world~

4. I apologize. If I do something wrong, or yell at you or anything like that and find out I messed up I'll tell you. If I realize I'm wrong then I WILL come up to you and say so. I dont like grudges or bad feeligns between people so even if it sucks for me, I'll tell you Im wrong if I have to.

5. Everything else!! What isnt to love!
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8 Responses May 13, 2012

Nice mindset, I hope you keep it too.

Wow, you're a really nice person Maria. Congratulations on being so evolved. You've got a lot of what I call "getalongs" which are fantastic for girls to have. You've also got amazing breasts. I say that because I know you'll like to hear it! Good for you. May the world smile.

very awesome

You are so positive. The world needs more people like you!

Well put....... my wife and I are very similar to you and we are a pretty crazy but very fun family.

ok... this is an interesting site ;-)))... i like it alot ;-)...<br />
i like that im 6 feet 5<br />
i like that i like big breasts<br />
i like that i treat peope well<br />
i like that im make people smile<br />
i like that im me ;-)

:) I'm trying to feel that way about myself. I do for most things at least.

you only live one... why not enjoy it? :)