Five Things I Like About Myself

I've had self esteemed issues most of my far back as I remember. But now as I look back, my vision is 20/20. I shouldn't have waste all my years bashing myself. My eyes are open to all of my great qualities, value and potential! So here I go with my five good things about me! Are you ready? I knew it.
1. I have great people skills. I don't even have to try and people tend to like me because I pit them at ease.
2. I am attractive and have a great sense of fashion. People are constantly asking where I shop, love my outfits, and my hair style, jewelry, ect...
3. I have a tender heart towards people, I help people most every day. I'm a nurse so there is always something extra I can do to help someone. I work at church in several ways to help reach ppl to improve their life.
4. I love to learn. If I hear about something that don't have an understanding of it, I'm looking it up, asking questions, I got to know!
5. I like my dry sense of humor! My sarcasm and just plain silly jokes help me connect with ppl and entertain even during the most monotonous times....
Now that I feel like I made a commercial about myself, lol
That's five good things about myself. I have plenty of negative things I can list BUT I won't.
I'm gonna keep my rose colored glasses on :D
Your turn! Five things please.....
underrock underrock
31-35, F
May 15, 2012