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Mostly Harmless

5. sense of humor
4. creative
3. ambitious
2. honest
1. open minded
tenente tenente 31-35, M 13 Responses Aug 26, 2012

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1. I know the answer. 42
2. voracious reader
3. Volunteer
4. Sensual
5. Loyal


*mostly * harmless lol... #2 and #5, Awesome


I am 4/5 of those. But, if its two, then this is a possible lie.


You're totally creative! I think you took my share of it. Cuz I have zer0.


Hooray for honesty XD haha

hooray for low expectations! :D

And you do have a great sense of humor. :o)

woot! :D

simple and cute:)


Great list. You sound like a great person! :)


That's what I would have said about myself. Good five qualities.

mind = blown

five things about me:

i love taking strolls enjoying the outdoors

i believe everything has life and reason

i am always looking for a friend

i love love love hugs

i enjoy the sound of others laughing

@Rosa I liked this. I liked it fast with a serious dead eye stare.

woot! :D

Sounds like me, though I would've added handsome hahaha


What about jazz hands? You're great at those! D:


You forgot to add eccentrically random! :D

we all are lol! on ep..