I Lik Being Me, You Should Like Being You Too:d It's So Funnnnnnnnn:d

My awesomeness

How amazing I am

How understanding I AM



How I have the best family and friends and how open I am with them or just a few but still if they want to talk about whatever I will and I try my best to give advice.

Don't really need advice because I have magic powerzzzzz as that ******* said

I can make them or help them get past or see if they do in the future and I have examples

My sister went into a coma and I said She'll wake up before tomorrow when the machines are turned off and she did

I said when they thought she was dead that she's not like she stopped breathing and **** and I said she's not a nd then she started breathing maybe after an hour or something idk I wasn't with her but yeah.

And other ****, I care about her a lot I want to talk again but idk if she's buried

That would be so frustrating and hrrible and now I'll have to figure out how to do that and I almost did but then sad HELL NO I DON WAN NO NOE A THAT SPIRIT *** IN MY HOUSE! Not in that way but yea.. I could sense them
I got so close to seeing but then I don't want that.. must be hard for other people.. idk later though I will, when I'm ready:D
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Sep 8, 2012