WynHaven's Five

Ok, now these are my 5 that I don't like.........I LOVE about myself.... lol.

 1> The way I snort when I laugh & sometimes pass gas at the same time. Too Friggin Funny!!! MAhahahahaha!!

 2> My heart, it's so fragile yet strong. It feels everything intensily & I adore that about myself.

 3> My ability to apologize when I know I've done something wrong. It was hard to come by, so I'm proud of it.

 4> My love of myself. That is something that I'm still working on & have bad days but considering up until 6 months ago I hated everything about me. I've come a long way BABY!

 5> My ability to make my friends & family laugh. It is a gift that I pray I will never lose. It comes in real handy. Mahahahahaa!

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1 Response Apr 16, 2009

All of them great and wonderful. I hope you keep loving yourself and I really think the first is the absolute funniest!