Top 5 Reasons to Like Flower

5-My sense of humor ( i love to laugh and act silly sometimes)


4- My hair (as a child my hair was kept short, once i left my mothers home, i let it grow,   i  love long soft locks of hair)


3-My Heart ( love is an essential part of who i am, it is a part of everything i do and say )


2- My Eyes ( i am told they are deep  and soulful, some have said they are "betty davis" eyes)


1- My Breasts ( I love my breasts..always have... the shape, the feel.. i am always cupping them or caressing them absentmindedly lol )

girlflower girlflower
41-45, F
2 Responses Apr 16, 2009

I do what your #1 is too. I like my breasts, I think they're so soft.

how could you? lol