I Am Stronger Now

You have failed in your many attempts to bring me down, deceive me as your friend. You thought you were hurting me, but in the end you were giving me strength. You taught me how to fight for myself and what I believe in, you taught me that lying and hurting people is something I want no part of.
More importantly I can see what real strength is. I've live it everyday. I am stronger than before, I am not saying I am better than you. Only that you did me a favor in the long run. I was hurt, crying and lost when you deceived me. Thinking to myself, what had I done to deserve this? But the answer was I didn't deserve it. So I took back control and fought like hell. I will not react to you any longer.

Today and from now on I do as I choose, I am proactive, not reactive. I will not lower myself to your standards nor will I allow you to bring me or the ones I love down.

There is something I want to thank you for though. To take back control, I had to find peace within myself, believe in myself and face my insecurities. And I did just that, I am on a much smoother path, filled with love, laughter and trust.

I know you will never see this but one day you will know even more all the pain and hurt you caused because Karma is a *****!!
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2011

Thanks shellbell42!! Sometimes you just gotta do what's best for yourself!! :)

you tell em' girl!