A Letter To Me..

a letter to me...

Im sorry for the pain and hurt you had to go through, that your womanhood, and childhood was taken away...but we cant change the past you need to keep your head held high and make some goals and reach for your dreams, just know the pain is over and its time to make life better, no more hurt, no more pain, every now and than you will get reminders but just know he's in jail right now and he will not come after you. and if so call the cops and fight for your life...your a strong woman and your son needs you. stand tall with your head held high and just believe and have faith...everything will be okay, you are a beautiful, strong woman and no one will ever hurt you again...

~~after i wrote this i cried because i know im a very negative to myself and im not sure that will ever change ive been trying to be more positive but inside and out i think im a ugly person, im to caring and i care about other peoples feelings than my own and thats how i get hurt....~~~
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Keep It Up Sweetheart, U are as strong as you think you are :)


it feels like it is akon lyrics....nice lyrics....

thank you :)

keep your head up girl!love your child and give all your attention to him and one day a good guy wil come around,you are beautiful(:

thank you and your welcome, hope things are okay with you.

I don't know you and this is my first time on this site but, your letter sounded ALOT like me. I can just tell you this. You are beautiful, inside and out. If you have any guilt over the situation, just know that none of it, at all, was ever your fault. Hold your head up high and walk on, don't live in fear, because fear will criple you. You'll see as the days go by, your fear will deminish. Mine only seems to crop up when I think I may see him in a croud and I take that second glance as my heart begins to pound but, it's not him and it never is. My situation was over more than 7 years ago and I've spent lots of time "finding myself" since then. The best advice is: Liberate yourself, find you again! You'll be just fine. <br />
P.S. Thanks for sharing your story, it really struck a nerve w/ me and your very brave for sharing.

thank you!