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Dear Ex-girlfriend And Former Best Friend,

I can't believe that I was once madly in love with you, and how I allowed you to get close to me. I was loyal, supportive, and more towards you, yet you back-stabbed me. I treated you with love and respect, yet I guess that wasn't enough. I gave you my heart, yet you broke it out of spite. I didn't understand you then, and I still don't understand you now.

I love how you pride yourself as someone who's open-minded, kind, and etc. You're nothing but a hypocrite! For someone who's tolerant, I'll never understand why you hate people who're of mixed race. I'll never forget the cruel words you'd said about the child we could had have, about how you would hate our child for being mixed (I'm Chinese, she's White).

May no one remember your name.


Ichilicious Ichilicious 26-30, M Jul 18, 2011

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