Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I know we haven't seen eye to eye lately. I'm sorry that we have been distant, but to tell you the truth: I blame you.

I know that you have had it difficult since the divorce with dad, but that is no reason for you to miss my graduation. That is no reason you should be so mean to me. You have been acting like a ***** for the last three years, and I don't know why.

You tell me that everything is going to be OK. You tell me that you love me and that you want us to be closer. But then you act like a drama queen and say it's my fault.

Whatever, I just want you to know that as soon as I get my drivers license and I am able to get to my classes on my own, It is likely that I will visit you a lot less.

You know that I hate fighting, and yet, that is all you do. I hated it when you and dad fought all those years, and I will not suffer through it again.

I hate conflict, and that is what you bring. I will always love you because you are my mother, but, I will not be you little girl forever like you wanted. I will grow up. And when I do, you better let me have my own life, or I will leave yours.

With all the love I can muster right now,

Your daughter.
lanacat lanacat
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2012