I want to write to every bully that ever bullied me, but that would be too many for me to so I am going to write a letter on what I would say to them.

Dear Bullies,

I just first want to say Thanks. Thanks for making my life miserable. It makes me feel great that made me feel great about myself. That guys had my back and stuff like. It made feel great whenever I came to school knowing that you bullies were going to call me a name or make fun of me. Thanks.
Yea right.

You guys made my school life miserable. I loved school. but it sometimes sucked coming to school knowing that I had to deal with you every day. Hearing the names like buck tooth beaver, loser, freak, weird, and other names like that hurt. You guys made me feel like I was not good enough to even be at the same school as you. Even though I was one of the smartest kids, you guys made me feel like I didnt deserve all of those awards that I got for my academics. You guys would cheat off me and take all the credit for it. You guys made me want to be along alot because people would believe the things you said. You guys would use me to get what you want.Because of all of those things, I have emotional scars that will never go away.
Overall, making my school life miserable.

The older I got I saw you guys were really jelous of me because you couldnt be as smart as me or put in the hard work like what I did. I saw that you guys didnt have any self esteem or confidence so you guys had to pick on someone to make yourself look cool. Bullying aint cool, it is dumb. I am not an angel but I learn from my mistakes and you guys dont learn from your mistakes.

You guys forget there is someone bigger, better, stronger, and tougher out there. who isnt going to put up with your  dumbness. To me, leaving someone or a group of people with emotional scars for the rest of their lives, is one of the meanest things you could ever do someone or a group of people. Those people will have a daily reminder of what you did to them or said to them for the rest of their lives. That is something that no one have a daily reminder of what you did to them. One day, your life might be in the hands of one of your victims.

Thanks for all that pain. I am using it to channel it something great. I am going to do something great with my life, while you do nothing with your lives. It is going to take alot of hard work for me to achieve my goals but I am determined to achieve them and show you guys that I did something amazing with my life. I am going to live my life the way I want to without everything seeing you guys. I am live a happy live!!!!!!!


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I love school, I can't imagine someone doing that to me, you really are incredible to survive that and still be motivated and move forward! You will do great things in life, Good luck!

It's awesome to see you have turned your pain into something good for yourself and your life. It's not easy to do, and I commend you for not giving up or believing what others have made you feel at times.

justin you are special, and worth infinitely more than these people who make fun of you. always remember that !! It is their life to be miserable, not yours... those puppets are whit no soul, and they will live a insignificant life. You are full of emotion, love, and you r suffering open 'the doors of real life . I really hope you'll soon find the real happyness, because it's this the right way.... never doubt to be special, and never allow anyone to take away the smile from your face... I really hope that you will meet people that they can understand you and see what a beautiful soul you have...

That is a great letter. I love the way you called yourself superherojustin. Many people have hurt me too and they made me grow up faster than the others. I know well that I will be more successful than anyone. There is a saying I love " When a bird has a broken wing, they can't fly. But if it can fly, it will fly higher than any birds"

OMG Justin, i LOVE your stories, and i loved this letter, i'm officially in your circle, keep that courage J, it'll get you far. what are you studying in college for?

You tell those mean bullies Justin :) No one has a right to be mean to you!

You tell them Justin. You are your own person, Your own hero. You dont need others opinions! EVER.

<3 awwww Justin. Lots of Love darling!!! you're so much stronger because of them!!! Don't EVER let them take away your accomplishments. I'm proud of you

This is probably the best thing I ever read about bullies. Go Justin!<br />
To any bullies that may read this: you have no right to taunt someone. You are not cool, you do damage. Some of you make people kill themselves. If you remain what you are, you will accomplish nothing and your lives will have no meaning.

Bullies are everywhere, trust me! <br />
And somehow they're the ones who make us go on and do better, as you said we learn from our mistakes, we try to move on , to be stronget, to let them go...The scars are always here but we do forget a huge part of what they made us feel! <br />
PS:I like your sacrastic way , When you keep repeating"Thank you" ! ;)

Justin just remember the bullies never change. They just grow up to be bigger ******** who don't know the difference between a hole in the ground and their own *******. i am so proud that you believe they made you stronger :) Bullies may have made your life a living hell in high school or even before but just think they are only insecure about themselves because they were jealous of you even though they didn't seem like it :) Jerks like that don't go anywhere in life. They turn out to be the bum who goes to high school parties at the age of 30. Just keep in mind you are amazing!! :)

It's obvious the only ***** head are the bullies for giving themselves the right to pick on you

People like bullies makes us stronger, wiser, and motivated. You ever notice no one makes fun when their solo they groupies to do that. That in itself makes them weak. They need a gang to gang up on one person. Look towards the future and work on your goals. Use your mind to focus on things that matter. :)

Well done! So proud of you :)

yea being picked on sucks

I second that.

Wow.... I'm impressed.