Who Are You?

You tore my heart out. I had many great years with you, you told me you loved me. You told me you would stay. You words for "forever". Out of the gloomy sky's you left me, hopeless, resentful, hateful and lonely. I gave you everything, I loved you unconditionally, apparently you did not. I lost it when you left, I lost not only my pride but my emotion to love, to care. All I do is hate, I know I want to love. You scarred this strong person. I remember out first date. We stayed out late and talked the whole night. I knew you better than myself. Well at least I thought I did. You left me when I was so weak, I was to vulnerable that I fell into a word of partying and drugs. Which lead to my downfall. It's not your fault it's mine but when this happen you were nowhere to be found. Who the **** are you? Where are you? I'm lost I needed you, we'll I thought I did. Seems I don't, now I have a new dependency and it's ******* hideous!!!! I wish you'd call to see how I am. I wana call you but I refuse to hurt any longer. I love you forever and this won't change, you hurt me and I can't stop the pain.
YoungNready77 YoungNready77
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Understand this as I am living this pain as I write. I have turn back to old ways to get rid of the pain. Nothing is working I find myself lost and falling fast everything I loved is gone. God don't make mistakes only we do and I did, it cost me my life. Before I go to sleep I pray I don't wakeup, the pain is endless. I never saw it coming Just like Nov 1st.