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  I don't want to ask why because I believe that things do happen for a reason, a lesson that needs to be learned. But I do have to ask why? What did I ever do to deserve being sexually abused? I didn't even know what sex was when it started. How can a person do those things to an unwilling person? How can a person do those things to a person when the 1st person knows it should be an act of love, of pleasure, of commitment. How warped is your brain, to think to get that from a child? I except that it happened, I can not change it, but it has and does cause so many issues in my life. Again, I except that it happened, but, if you came crawling to me for forgiveness, I am not sure I could honestly give it. I can except that something was wrong with you for you to do such things, I can except that you had good reason in your brain, but I can only suggest that you forgive yourself because I have nothing to forgive you for. It was an act that you chose to do and I didn't even understand. I cannot forgive that you came to my room at night and did things to me, I cannot forgive that you took out your worthlessness on me, but I do except that it was done.

 I hope you do feel guilty. I hope you have not made it to be ok. I hope you are honest with yourself and learned a lesson, because if you didn't that would **** me off. That you took what you wanted, when you wanted it and didn't undertsand or learn a lesson from it. I wish I could have had a better childhood and to have not gone threw that stuff, but, I think I made it ok. It could have been better. I will say thank you for helping to make me strong, but, I do believe I could have gotten here a different way. Nobody, especially a child deserves to go threw that.

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Just wanted to say Thank you all!!!!!

This just puts me in a deeply dismay state of mind the fact that its so common so acceptable!! <br />
[EH course NOT] <br />
How much of that damage & harm that may possibly never mend!!<br />
Im at a loss for words.. i can't even have thoughts let alone imagine any of what your heartrending circumstance inflicted upon youu. Just an inocent cartoon loving youthful child!! Its just beyondd mee for these "things known to man kind' <br />
Ugh im sorry i have very little experiance to offer in youur time of need but would certainly love to shout from the rooftops "BRAVERY is not enough of a word to desribe YOUU!!!"<br />
How you succesfully dealt with and mended your horrible ordeal!<br />
^.^ I Admire youu !! : ]

The only thing I feel is worse then hurting a woman is hurting a child. Both are unforgivable and Im so sorry that you, or anyone has ever had to live through it.