Dear T.

I don't understand you anymore, sometimes I don't even think you want to be with me as much as you say you do. You don't do anything to prove to me that I'm any importance to you.

I hate fighting with you but it's really killing me inside that I have to listen to all your problems but you never want to listen to mine.

You tell me that I have no reason to cry after not even asking what's wrong, you tell me to stop feeling that way and that I'm wrong for feeling that way and when I do pour my heart out you just simply just say, "Are you done crying yet?"

What did I do to deserve this? I know things have changed now but YOU'RE the one who messed up, you have to stop trying to blame me for everything when you're the one who lied to me for so many months.
I want to make it work but you're not making it easy, I do everything for you, I spend my money on you, the small amount of money that I have so you can be happy and what do you do for me?
You didn't get me anything for my birthday, not even something hand made, you had $40 and you spent it on booze, when was the last time you though of me? 

Why do I sacrafice so much for you when you don't even do it for me?
I'm losing faith in you, and I love you soo much but I don't understand why you have to hurt me like you do.

I just need you to hold me sometimes and make it okay, I don't need you to make it worse, you don't have to make me feel worse about how I already feel. I'm not wrong for feeling the way that I do and maybe it's too much for you, maybe your ****'s too much for me but at least I try.

I just need you to talk to me.

queenisabella queenisabella
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

It turns out he broke up with me. Bad news? I'm pregnant but I just found out today, it's really hard for him, I'm going to write about that whole deal too. Gosh it's hard.

I know this is an entirely unsolicited opinion, and I apologize for that, but I just have to say:<br />
<br />
Dump this man, sweetheart. You are beautiful, and obviously intelligent and supportive. Find someone that's worth your time.