How can you live with yourself? Knowing how much pain you've caused. You destroyed My father. I LOVE HIM DEARLY. You tried to take that away, he isn't just my father, he's my best friend. I love him so much, yet you tried to take him away. I can't stand the fact your living and walking among the human beings, your no human, YOUR A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



SourLove SourLove
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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

I've thought about it but the letter would quickly become a short novel. And I'm not sure it would be read anyway.<br />
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Best I can hope for is that someday when the person thinks back on their life, they feel the pain they caused me. Although that would probably hurt me more.<br />
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I did ask them to call me when they're taking their last breaths so I could help them cross over and touch her sweet face one more time.<br />
<br />
Doubt that'll happen though.