To My Tormentor

Dear Tormentor

You have tried your best to break me , as far back as I could remember you were my Bogey man , you were the monster in my closet .

You made me afraid to close my eyes and even more afraid to keep them open.

The very sound of your voice made my little heart jump , and the sight of your eyes are the visions  that filled my nightmares

But then something happened ,  my spirit got stronger ...... because of your abuse I found out what I was made of ..

And so here we are as usual , me here and you there with your weapons ready to attack ... but I am not that little girl anymore , I see you for the pathetic man behind the mask of a monster

And maybe just maybe my body will give out and decide it has had enough ..but you will never break my soul , my spirit or my mind .

They belong to me , so give me your best shot , I am ready , are you ?


softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
8 Responses Nov 20, 2009

thank you darling ..unfortunately he isnt ..but I wont be quaking in fear of him any longer .... thank you for the comment darling ;)

Aw! this is so heart breaking, I hope your monster is caught

thank you ezz ..I am sorry you do have a story like that darling but happy that you seem to be strong *hugs*;)<br />
<br />
thank you ak I really appreciate that *hugs* :)

I'm speechless...admire your well!

thank you Larry darling ... I saved a little juju for you!<br />
OMG I am a friggin poet *winks and does voodoo dance for larry *

thank you eight , sometimes writing your feelings out gives you strength as was the case here ..your a darling thank you :)<br />
<br />
xineki ..thank you for your wishes and for your comment and by the way love the name sweetie *hugs*

Thank you my darling I know you are * hugs MM tightly*:)

I am ready too....I will supply you with weapons and ammunition....You know I have an arms factory!!LOL