Must Be Nuts..................

But here goes nothing.......................leaving my self open to insult & injury here...........
be interesting (or fatal) to read what BF would have to Funny Comments" />
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6 Responses May 14, 2011

hmmm....... 5 things huh! This may take a while. ;-p *runs*

hehe lubs you!

Not a thing. :o)

Oh now you done it. She`s going to be miffed you said it first........ oh well. ;-p

boys do men dont can i get an add love to peek in your panty drawer

Suffice to say women make better pets especially when well trained lol...........And yes you are nuts Izzy lol xxxxxx

Nice list, Pinkypip! Very true!

Of course! Every word is true!

Woo-hoo! Thanks, Sparkles!<br />
<br />
Ok, so...<br />
<br />
#1 You go sooooo far out of your way to help people who are feeling pain! You have a really big heart, and you give and give, even sometimes to your own detriment, which sometimes concerns me, but nevertheless, it is an admirable quality!<br />
<br />
#2 Your strength. You know that I have been amazed by you in what you have overcome in your life, the tragedies you have suffered, and your ability to thrive and not miss out on the best that life has to offer.<br />
<br />
#3 I think it is so cool that you are able to speak four know me, it is not an aspect of myself that I talk about very often, but I have an abiding appreciation for and interest in language.<br />
<br />
#4 Your sense of humor. Whether it is a story about Rosa, or the huge bugger, Ludwig the cat, who used to live next to you, or escaped dogs who have been trained to open doors who led the police on a merry chase, you are a very entertaining read!<br />
<br />
#5 You have been a very good friend to me, lifting me up, exulting me at times, always with a kind word and a positive attitude, and you have turned to me in the times when you needed a shoulder to cry on. You've made me feel needed. Thank you.