5 Things I Like About Thesuitelife285

Numbered, but in no specific order :D
Here are 5 things I like about you my friend.

1) You're caring

No friend can go wrong resorting to you, they'll always have your care. Very good trait, just don't let it worry you too much when you can't help.


2) You're intelligent

That's always something I can appreciate. It makes me feel understood and I know this will be the part of you that will allow you to make a difference in this world some day.


3) You're shy

And that's cute! It makes you modest and correct. Shyness you might want to get over because you are a great person and you should be proud of yourself, but don't lose the correctness.


4) You're faithful

In a relationship you won't give up on someone until it's really done. As a friend I believe you are just as loyal.


5) You're open minded

Ready to look at things from a different angle and not easily offended by someone's different behaviour or views.
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22-25, M
1 Response May 15, 2011

Awww thank you so much :) I really appreciate this. Its super nice :)