1. I made a mural out of my own blood, sent you pics of it, told you about my gruesome nightmares in scary detail, been my weirdest and at times even my most violent self and you still love me. <3

2. You're comfortable and the keeper of my secrets.

3. You say the sweetest darned things that make me blush even though I try to act all cool and collected. -.-

4. You have a very sexy, quiet and mysteriously brooding laugh. Almost musical even.

5. You've got sexy abs. ;)
deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

1 <3<br />
2 Aww :)<br />
3 I even make you say things about me that make you blush :D<br />
4 Haha xD<br />
5 Only tangible piece of me that's sexy, so I flaunt it.

1. &lt;3

2. :)

3. Yes, yes you do. XD

4. Lol!

5. Very doubtful. :P