I guess I should pile on this band wagon and suck up to the Peanlo, before she has me beheaded. :)

1. Her doodling skills are epically out of this world, and my little one can attest to THAT one.

2. Her secret giggle button is her nose, and even works through a computer screen. (whoops....did I give that one away??)

3. When she gets on a roll, nothing, nothing, NOTHING will stop her from talking, even if she gets a sore throat. She'll just type like a stenographer to get her point across.

4. She cares so much about people that it becomes a double-edged sword for her. But she is willing to accept it if it means her hacking into someone's heart (in a nice way).

5. She's like the best nunukin, shnuggly-wuggly, super-de-dooperdy, awesome and kick *** Norwegian chick that a weirdo like me could ever hope for to have as a buddy.

There....I hope that she's happy with that. I guess it's a less violent tribute than sacrificing virgins to a volcano. XD
Tuva Tuva
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 27, 2013

Hahahaha I would have loved the vulcano thing too, but this is just the awesomest of awesome xD I love you sososososo much dude, I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have you!!!

And I would be a lot more sane and make fewer perverted jokes if I didn't have you. You're one of those "so bad of an influence it's good" kind of people. XD