The world is a funny place. There are so many other people. I've met some of them. You can talk about nearly anything if you want to. When I do, I always come back to one thought: Why am I not doing this with you?

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Good to see you then Sylph - perhaps not good to see that you are still here, trapped in the vortex!

How can that be good to see me still around? There is a trace of sarcasm there, Roj... hmm... kidding...

We're pretty well. I think WG has been on EP a bit, but I've had an EP holiday! Not busy at all :) just taking a rest away from the vortex for a while. It sucked me dry for a little while there...<br />
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Good to see you're still around :) and there could be more??? Maybe...

Pfff... and here I was eager to know more... but there could be more than talks, too, no?<br />
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How are you both? It has been like the last century since I have seen either of you... and yeah, include Lilly as well... you are all that busy??<br />
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I should make myself busy... get this freakin' vortex away from me............ I'm still hooked... sigh...

Sylph - it's meant to mean "Why am I not talking about these things with you?" - of course :)<br />
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LV feel free to interrupt.

Doing what??? Doing what???..... *Sylph with big eager eyes*...

Aw!<br />
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Just interrupting!

That is sometimes (often?) the reason :)

:) awwww.....because she is curled up asleep on the couch....