Not Only In My Dreams

I Want to be...

not only in your mind  

not only to make you think

your moment to imagine

all your thoughts

every single one.


I want to be…

your fire

your fountain

your comfort

your senses

your moans.

in your mind

in your body




I want to be...

in your deepest dreams

the secret of your wishes

the shameless from your mouth...

the sin that brings you to the madness

the most profane of your virtues

the folly of your logic

the lucidity of your madness

the boldness of your shyness

the haste of your calm

and the insanity of your normal.


I want to be...

your contrast

your truth

your disguise

your step

your impasse

your port

and your escape.


I want to be...

your sun

your moon

your day

your rain

your ways

your diversions

your route

your streets

and your curves


I want...

to feed you

to flood your thirst

to pamper you

to breathe in your skin

to pulsate your veins

to „walk“ through your body

inside you.



I really want you...

to be





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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I too would like to borrow your words - I wish I could craft words as beautifully as you do.<br />
<br />
I feel like this too - thanks for putting it into words for all of us.

TP, you are great as always. Loved that one. May i use your words in the future ;) Hugs*

hi princess. beautiful poem... i love it.. i wish someone gives me like this line but i would be dead right there... Hugs* ^_^

Oh that is beautiful - one lucky man