Found A Condom

while jogging in virginia one early saturday morning I came across a used condom. it was located in an area where teens park at night. it was filled with ***. i tied it off and put it in my pocket and jogged home. upon arriving home, i untied it in the bathroom and took a shower. hen i came out i noticed wifey was still sleeping. i got under the covers and placed the *** filled condom beside me. i began carressing my wife. i worked my fingers to her *****. i then began dipping them in the *** filled condom and slowly worked the ***** inside her. i was so hard at this time. pured some of the *** onto my penis and spread it around. i then pushed it into her ***** as far as it would go. we were both so slippery and wet, it didn't take long before i exploded into her. she did give birth about 9 months later. the mystery remains if it was mine or the unknown donor
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Nice story!

So hot!


Very hot but dangerous ! The baby could have been black (or white if you are Afro-American) or asian or worse you could both have had an STD ! Read our stories and you will find sweeter and safer ways to fill your wife's ***** with stranger's ***. Tina actually was pregnant with our first child thanks to her one night (I believe) lover. Lve to you both. John and Tina

Something to try on my wife!

lov'in this