I Don't Know Everything

These are just my own feelings that I wish to share with you.......perhaps they might be able to help someone.

I have learned, through trial and error, through studying, through living, through not loving, that you will indeed attract back what you give out.  So, if you don't deeply love and respect yourself, you will not attract love and respect.  It's important to learn about yourself, who you really are, what you truly like, what you truly and deeply desire, what makes you feel good, what and who do you want to become. 

For many years, I thought I could realize these things by OJT (on the job training......smiles), didn't work.  I had to take a time out and really dig deep and face myself before I could notice any positive changes in my life.  I'm not finished yet, but that which I've found out so far has really made a big difference - and many positive changes in my life.  I know I've still much more to figure out.

I guess the advice I wish to give is really to get to know yourself and your feelings first before you expect someone else to.  This way, it will save you a lot of heartache, and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Bright Magickal Blessings

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5 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Here's wishing you a peaceful Sunday.

someone else I am sure said but I have always said that for myself,,,I have no idea who said it first,,,,mary

That's a great saying......I hope you don't mind if I borrow it sometime.<br />
Have a happy day!

I agree so much with you,I always say that i had to learn everything that I am not before I can know what I am....I am A child of love and light and everything right.mary

It seems like it's the tough lessons that help us to learn the most, and forge us into who we are really meant to be. <br />