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Would You? Have You? What's Your Opinion?

At one point or another, nearly everybody either has or will shower in public. (Gym, pool, sports, etc.) What if these showers contained members of both sexes, with all bits and pieces wet, soapy, and out and about for everybody to see? My question is simple: Have you ever showered with members of the opposite sex? Would you? What are your views on this?
Hornikittee Hornikittee 18-21, F 54 Responses Aug 22, 2010

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The only time I have showered with the opposite sex was in my own bathroom or in the public showers at the nudist resort that my wife and I belonged to. So far that has been the only opportunity I have had. However, given the opportunity, I would love to.

I definitely would. I think everyone should be comfortable with their body as well as other's bodies

Our family showers together on a regular basis and sometimes our non nudists friends will join in the shower just to be social with us. ( we built a large shower stall with four shower heads). It started when my girlfriend told her two boys to jump in the shower with me so we could get ready faster. It cut the time in half on everyone getting ready and we used alot less hot water, but it quickly got cramped with me and two boys crammed under one shower head so i remodeled the bathroom and built a large shower stall with 4 heads. Now we all shower together and it has even broken the ice with our non nudits friends.

Yes. At a nudists sauna. Very liberating experience.

Would if I could. I've heard that in Germany in some sport gyms this happens.

I hear coed dorms in college now have coed showers, and Europe?
anyone know about this.
Yes I would by the way. shouldn't be a problem if people, mostly men, just accept the human body and respect people

Never had.. definitely would

I was on vacation with my wife..She went to take a nap.. I went down by the pool to read.. I was laying there minding my own business and 3 ladies asked me to take a picture of them to together.. No problem..
After wards.. as I was leaving I noticed a public shower stalls.. So I popped in one.. ******** down and made sure the curtain wasn't closed as the way.. I saw the women coming up.. I was getting erect so I made sure to soap up and stroke it real slow and long as they watched walking by..

Worked in a resort a while ago and whilst there were technically Male and Female bathrooms, the reality was anyone, anywhere. You quickly got used to anyone stepping out of a shower naked or half covered with a towel and didn't really think much of it. Also had frequent naked or partially clad individuals wandering around the corridors (especially late at night). Now it seems more wrong to me to segregate bathrooms along gender lines. I guess once your used to it, it kind of helps people bond as a tight knit group and I miss some of that freedom and respect in my current 'normal' life.

I worked at a security company in a large city that was set up very much like a regular police department (I have worked for both). The locker room was one large locker room with communal showers/sinks/toilets. We had female officers and male officers that all changed, showered, etc in the same locker room.

There was some talk at one point of putting in separate accommodations for the females, but the cost was out of line for the number of females we had. They were well aware of the situation when they came to work, and for the most part everyone was very professional about it.

It's a naked body, an parts are pretty much parts. Not that big a deal.

Wow, all that enlightenment and no fear of litigation? That is one special company!

I have showered with many naked people of both sexes. I go to a nudist campground, and the only showers are a row of shower heads along a wall. Everyone showers there, and there is actually very little sexual nature to it. Except maybe the time a woman proceeded to shave her pubic area while we were standing next to each other having a conversation.

As far as public showers go, it's no, hell yeah, and the sooner they allow it everywhere, the better.

When it comes to PUBLIC showers, I have showered in a college university setting, which were not coed. BOOOOORING! lol As far as coed showering, I am married, and my wife is a big fan of this. I have to say, we coed shower so much that sometimes I find myself longing for a bit of stretching space! But, coed showering - now THAT's FUN. Especially as foreplay...

Well not exactly. I have not showered with a naked person of the opposite sex. I did however recently while I was in the hospital shower nude while a clothed female nurse's assistant came in and out of the bathroom to watch me and make sure I was okay since I had fallen earlier in the day. I have never before showered with a lady in the room watching me and talking to me while I was totally nude. I would not mind having that happen again though I would obviously rather it not be in a hospital and ideally that the other person also be nude. She came in and out a number of times first to help me put a glove over the place where they hook the iv and then later she came in after I hit my head in the shower and talked to me to make sure I was okay all while I was nude. I had made a loud noise banging my head but was fine. However with mehaving fallen earlier in the day she wanted to make sure I was okay.

Yes, several times, I have visited naturist spas around the UK and have showered with ladies all of us quite nude.
Actually it is interesting to see how quickly people get used to showering in public with the opposite sex and it becomes quite natural. The pruderies of our world are put there by the narrow minded puritans who wrote the RULES for us to follow.

i used to work at a restraunt that kept the work shirts in the back. at the start of the shift every on would just go back there take off their shirts and put on the work shirts. also allot of people are sharing showers at home now to cut down on the water bill and save on hot water, plus think of the building supplies that will be saved if only 1 locker room or bathroom needs to be built.

I have showered with various family members and friends (as well as strangers) of both sexes over the years. I am totally comfortable with it as long as the others are, which is generally the case. What I get asked about is "what if you have an erection?". Well, that sometimes happens, but not as often as people might think. When it happens it happens and the people around me never make an issue out of it because it is a normal and natural occurrence for boys and men that can be caused by a number of different things. Coed showering/bathing simply isn't a sexual event unless you feel that way about it and act on those feelings. I've yet to see that happen in my personal experience.

If we all spent more time naked together in public, there could be so many fewer perverts out there. The human body is a work of art and not to be ashamed of. When I started going to nude beaches, it matured me and freed me from all the bullshit that goes on with clothed people. This summer I will walk with, swim with and shower outside with many people of both sexes. And yes I will get excited now and then, but no need to over react to a beautiful body when I will have nothing to hide.

I have done so many times in Europe, and it is no big thing, everybody just accepts that you are there to shower and gets on with it. Quite natural. In fact in France I have many times used an urinal with a queue of ladies going through to the stalls because the queue in the ladies was too long. Many of the toilets in smaller towns are unisex and in Roscoff I was using a small corner urinal when a lady came in to change her baby. She looked at me and said Bon Jour Monsieur and proceeded to change the baby. I was totally exposed throughout the incident but it felt quite natural and acceptable.<br />
Maybe if the hysterical lawmakers were less uptight these things would sort themselves out.

When I shower I face the wall. If I take my glasses off, all I can see of a woman is her pubes. I was too hot blooded for coed showers before age 50 or so, but I think I now could take it in stride. I would prefer that the women around me be over 30, though. Before our kids were born, I showered with my better half many times. Showering with you girl friend was not unknown in some college dorms 40 years ago.

Yes I have showered with members of the opposite sex several times. It hi usually been at naturist resorts and after the first times it is quite amazing how natural it is to find a woman showering next to you, and they seem quite happy with it. Another reason why naturism is so relaxing.<br />
In Europe on many occasions I have also seen women in male toilets when the queue in their toilets became too long. They queued between rows of urinals with men peeing and coming and going and nobody turned a hair.<br />
We could learn quite a lot from the Europeans about a natural approach to nudity and life.

I would love to go, along with my wife.

Wife and I were at a Jamaica resort which had a coed locker room connected to the spa. It was awesome to see my wife drop her inhibitions and walk around others nude, shower nude, sauna nude and plain just interact nude. She is by no means a prude, but, that took a lot for her to do. She enjoyed looking at the other women and men and liked them looking at her. I must say I enjoyed it as well. It was one of our best vacations and hope to go back.

I would love to be in your situation, with my wife. Thanks for sharing.

I have not had the opportunity to shower nude with females; I<br />
hope that I will someday!<br />
<br />
I think that this sort of thing is good! I believe that the nude<br />
human body is beautiful, and that there is nothing about it<br />
to be ashamed about!

I guess your first step should be to find a girlfriend &amp; shower with her. You seem late to be joining the game, so don't wait any longer.

Clothing optional group situations are nice, but not when a guy is over-eager.

Coed showers could possibly prevent discrimination on the level of which one is cleaner, but you have those anti-European-lifestylists that say no to it. I would say yes to coed showers... Let's meet up and open a public pool with coed showers, nude hot tubs, and oper-stall toilets!

I have showered with girls and women many, many times. Mostly at a campground in Maine when getting back from the beach. There were a series of enclosed but outdoor showers on both sides of the building that had the men's and women's bathrooms in it. The showers had 8' walls starting about a foot of the ground and each was big enough for about 5 or 6 people. Groups of us would pike into one to rinse off salt & sand as well as rinse out bathing suits. Once inside we would all ***** down and when done walk back to our tents in a towel or robe. I would be with adult, teen, adolescent and younger males & females. No big deal.

I wouldnt care if both sexes had showers together nude its all the same

I wouldnt care if both sexes had showers together nude its all the same

The relaxed freedom evident at fully nude European health clubs is totally disarming..I have enjoyed it many times.. Here even members of single sex clubs are totally uptight..Enjoy life--Drop the shorts AND the towel..

I have been to the public baths in Japan, men, women, kids all together. You shower first then soak in a big pool. People will come from the showers with a towel or a robe on then lay it aside and step into the pool, nudity is of no concern there.