We've Done This In The Past...

My wife and I have been in coed showers at Doe Bay Resort in Washington State, outdoors by the hot tubs; at Lake Associates nudist club; at a hot spring resort in California where a gal that had given me a naked Watsu session as part of her Watsu-course practicum, was showering at the same time. In the same room were sinks etc. as it was also the locker room area - she came over, nude, and asked if she could "borrow" some floss for her teeth - very normal, natural, and non-sexy although she was a stunning young lady.

At another nudist resort in Washington State, we used a coed shower alongside a slender lady; we and she soaped up, scrubbed, and rinsed off very casually and non-sexually - it was all very ordinary and relaxed.

We were also at one place where the bathrooms were coed - with no doors on the stalls - that was a bit much.

I also went to a nude swim by myself; it was in a pool that was rented for the occasion so although it had separate mens and womens locker rooms, both sexes used both sides. I had to use the toilet, which was embarrassing because it had no door on the stall and faced the sinks and shower area. I was not embarrassed to shower along with the women, or even to use the urinal with women at the adjacent sinks, but using the toilet was more than I wanted to share.
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Multiple times I've used the co-ed shower at Common Ground Wellness Center in Portland, OR. No big deal. I also love using the co-ed changing room.

No rise in the manhood?

Not in that setting. It's not a sexually charged situation.