Please Give Me Ur Opinion

Ok where do I start?
I have just no idea, well I just have no ******* idea.....

ok let's see. My close friend jake is a really awesome dude and I hang out with him and we are close friends. He and I get along so good and he is so chill like he rarely gets bothered by stuff. But my dad is annoying as ****.

My dad can be a horrible mean piece of ****!

He is an addict but I cant be telling this **** to jake cuz he will freak out.

He is helping my dad out with stuff in the house with construction which is all fine but my dad is almost trying to become buddies with him and its just weird and annoying. Like them talking and working together is all goo and everything but Jake thinks my dad is super respectable and today they were talking all about joking around because I am a little too sensitive but my dad acts super nice around jake and ANYONE else outside the family and just treats us like **** and especially with his pill addiction.

But my dad can just relate to and almost become friends with anyone in the world but I don't see him like that. My family sees him as garbage so many times, and the super ****** up thing is he pretty much suggested jake to learned to play his guitar and pretty much join his band, which has a bunch of middle aged men and I want nothing to do with them. It is really annoying. I asked my mom and she said that it won't go anywhere because my dad CAN NEVER EVER EVER finish what he started. So you see I hope this "band idea will flop so hard because,
1. my dad deserves no respect
2. jake is 18 and I'm 16 he is not 49 -55
3. Its just weird having my friend hang out with my dads friends like a bunch of buddies
4. my dad is just so fake and a spiteful mean person, and an addict and an alcoholic.

I'm not jealous cuz I want jake to earn the money he gets helping out with everything he does. He helps with the bathroom that needs carpentry work and my parents pay him, and I work alongside him, and it is so amazing, but I don't like when my friend becomes like my dads buddy cuz its weird, and its just.... ****** up.

my dad is horrible to us so many times and its just stupid.

I will tell jake at some point, but I'm not really close to my dad, and sometimes not my family either.

I like to honestly keep my friends as separated from my family as possible because thats how I naturally like it.....
I'm not trying to be spiteful but I just don't like all this.

and its not like I'm trying to change jake cuz I would not really ask that but I just don't like this idea... It most likely will not happen but I'd love for this to never happen and for jake to remain MY FRIEND not my dads.
confessionstotell confessionstotell
13-15, M
Dec 7, 2012