Obama Is Not My President


President Obama is not MY President



Ah, yes! You’ve stopped to read this because the title has captured your attention. The “conservatives” among you may think that you have found an ally. For the “liberals” amongst you, an enemy. I will leave it to you, the reader to decide which, if any I am.

Debate and compromise are the fundamental principles of politics in this country. The Constitution provides for freedom of speech. Our elected representatives are expected to fight for their point of view in issues which lay before them while in office. Through this debate, the theory is that a consensus is reached by both sides and the problem at hand is solved in a way which is best for the majority of the people. I say a majority. You can substitute the phrase “as many as possible” in place of majority. However, it seems to me that in the discussions both here and in the media, opposing views have switched from that of the viewpoint of citizen to put forth a different opinion to that of an ENEMY trying to subvert the freedom of those who disagree.

When an opposing opinion has been voiced here, I note with dismay that personal attacks both upon the character of the writer and their right to exist have been put forth. This offends me at my very core. For most of my life, I have worn the uniform of my country. My reasons are my own. But, at my core, I believed that I was protecting the rights of ALL my countrymen (and women). When someone states that a person with a liberal view is not worthy to speak or should be “removed” from any forum, I take offense. I am not saying that the liberal or conservative view is right or wrong, but I will defend that individual’s right to speak it. In this country, that is the way we do it. We speak our minds, consensus is reached and action is taken.

There are some things that I have read in this medium which have been credited as the conservative view. Furthermore, in the media, reports of reprehensible statements and symbols have been reported. Those who wish the current President ill, misfortune, injury or even death need to rethink their position. Those who advocate an unlawful change in the current administration need also, to reevaluate their position.

1. It is unlawful to threaten the President of the United States. The Secret Service takes even casual threats to the President’s life seriously.

2. The distribution of pictures of the President with his head in the center of a rifle scope is a not so subtle threat to his life, at worst. It is a call for the mob to come forth, at best. Either scenario is unacceptable in our society.

3. The extreme views do not represent the ideas or feelings of true conservatives.

Liberal and Conservative agree on more than they disagree. For the most part, it is method, not motive which separates us. Frank discussion of the best way to solve complex problems is the best way for the problems to be solved. Although listening to conservative entertains on talk radio may be great entertainment, remember, that is all it is. ENTERTAINMENT. The serious problems which exist in our great nation can not be solved by sound bite, cookie cutter solutions.

Finally, I leave you with this thought: On January 20, 2009, the current President took the Constitutionally prescribed oath to (in part) “Faithfully execute the office of President of the United States”. He did not take an oath to be the President of the liberals. He took an oath to be the president of ALL the people. It is not for us, now to judge his performance as the country’s chief executive. That job will be done by history. However, he is our President today. If you are unhappy with his performance, the law provides for a remedy. So, I say to you this; President Obama is NOT MY President, he is OUR President. If you don’t understand the difference, ignorance is no excuse.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

you lost me right at the part where you said people advocating for the unlawful removal of the president. im a combat veteran and i firmly believe that if the people want a president removed there is no "unlawful" method. in fact it is our constitutional right to do exactly just that. but here's the kicker, you do need a majority of the populous behind you, as well as the various facets of government, since power is equally shared by the three branches. and this cant be a perceived majority but an actual one. the pen is the first option, the fist is the last. but the fist IS an option. and let no man tell you otherwise.

Yeah. Funny how people don't put their listening ears on.

Oh I liked this!!<br />
I'm canadian and when president obama got elected we cheered and celebrated for days.