I Want...

I want...

  • you to read this story.
  • you to comment on this story.
  • to live somewhere else (preferably out West in Texas).
  • to go to heaven.
  • to make a positive difference in the world.
  • to start actually wanting what I need.
  • to be able to prioritize my needs above my wants.
  • motivation.
  • to actually have the courage and willpower to be willing to work for and go after what I want.
  • someone to adore me as much as I adore her.
  • to be viewed by God, myself, and others as a strong, masculine man.
  • to know the truth.
  • to figure out what I want.
  • happiness.
  • joy.
  • everyone in the world to be able to know and accept the truth and have genuine joy and happiness.
  • to succeed.
  • to get married and have kids of my own.
  • to be accepted into Tau Phi.
  • to abolish all Internet ads that make annoying noises.
  • to be remembered when I die.
  • not to have to work so hard for success.
  • to stop being so darn lazy, unmotivated, and complacent.
  • "our" baby to be born and live a happy, fulfilling, Godly life.
  • to get high at least once in my life, just for the experience, but not become addicted to anything.
  • to be wealthy enough to live more than just comfortably.
  • deep, passionate, loving, romantic sex with my wife.
  • to go to a formal party and wear one of the tuxedos like they did in the movie Dumb and Dumber.
  • to travel to every continent.
  • God to become more obvious and apparent in this world.
  • to enjoy everyday things that I despise doing (homework, studying, chores, grooming, getting out of bed, etc.).
  • to do something great and extraordinary.
  • for just one single day, to experience how it feels to be "normal."
  • to be attracted to someone I actually have a chance with, and for her to be equally attracted to me, and to have enough courage to show interest in her.
  • to travel more often.
  • to meet all my EP friends and other online friends I've never met in person.
  • to be more spontaneous.
  • to LIVE.
RopinTexan RopinTexan
22-25, M
11 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Me too...I hope it's not asking for too much...probably is though...

hope that works out 4 u !!

I hope so :-)<br />
<br />
Hugs back

Well, I guess I can check off the first two now ;-)

Thanks :-)

i really really really like it

And I'll have to tell my date to make sure she wears an orange dress...but not tell her what I'm wearing :-P<br />
<br />
"Lame" and "my mom" are basically synonymous...

Yep...I'm getting the cane and hat and frills and all!

Kinda lame of your mom... Be sure to get the matching accessories.

Orange, preferably, but blue would work too. I was going to wear one of them to my high school banquet, but my mom freaked out and wouldn't let me :-(<br />
<br />
But since I'm probably going to be pledging Tau Phi this semester, they have formals, so maybe I can wear it to the formal!

Would you be wearing the blue or orange tux?