My List of Demands

I actually happened to write an entry in my journal today about what I wanted. I don't mind sharing so here it is.

  1. Someone who can tolerate my crazy side
  2. Someone who can look at me and honestly tell me that I am a gorgeous person
  3. Someone who won't run and hide when I need them the most
  4. Someone who will bring me up instead of down
  5. Someone who will watch sappy love films with me and not tease me when I cry
  6. Someone who knows that even though I haven't got a lot, what I do have is priceless
  7. Someone who will lie in bed with me all day one day, and the next day go out and try something new
  8. Someone who understands my disorders and encourages me to overcome them
  9. Someone who genuinely believes in me
  10. Someone who will laugh and cry with me
  11. Someone who understands I need my independence
  12. Someone who knows I can be an emotional wreck but still loves me
  13. Someone who makes me feel safe
  14. Someone who won't take my bullshit
  15. Someone who cares

And I like this to all be one person. Dream big.

Melody08 Melody08
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I think i fit most of those, right?!<br />
please?!<br />
well....<br />
i think i fit at least... 10! but thena agin. thats not perfect, and the che loves the perfect!<br />
uhhh<br />
comment points!

you want nothing less than what i want....

That would be nice...