The perpetual state of being, of human-being, of being human.

I want.

This insatiable feeling of wanting. Of needing. Of missing. Something. Unknown. But felt. Through happiness as well as sorrow. And always in stillness.

Coupled with an air of vacancy. The vacancy of not knowing. The vacancy of complacent hopelessness. Because how will one ever find that which they are unable to identify?

I'm not sad. I'm not bored. I might be empty. And yet I'm emotionally neutral. Emotionally static. And disbelieving of the romantic essence of Life.

Today, I am appreciative of this gift... this worldly sensual experience. I only wish it didn't feel like a carousel, repeating the same stationary images, moving forward and going nowhere.

Ever wanting. Something. Transcendental.
OnlyLoveKeepsTrying OnlyLoveKeepsTrying
31-35, F
Aug 23, 2014