Most Of What I Have Lost And A Little Bit Of What I Haven't

Oh, to be young and immortal and in love again!

As to being as ignorant as I was, I am of two minds.

It is so fun to learn new things and that there more new things than can be learned, but . . . to give up all that I have learned already would hard and I don't think I would be me anymore.  Maybe . . . maybe, I could give up being me if I got to be lucky about which paths I selected and what I chose to learn.

I want to live in little cottage on great estate under the canopy of a great grapevine that covered more than an acre.  The greatest grapevine is a memory I want to keep.  There really is one, a greatest grapevine. The vine was bigger around than I could put my arms around. It was on the McSherry Ranch east of Faywood, NM.  There were no buildings there anymore, just a little spring coming out of a limestone outcrop.  I think would be happy with a cottage under that grapevine.

I want my first love to be true and not run off to marry the daughter of a rich, rug merchant.

I want to be able to fry my eggs in a solid gold fry pan like the guy in the National Geographic magazine did.

I want my sister to live and to have kids that would be mine only whenever I wanted them.

Let there be freedom of speech like we were supposed to have, freedom to do with our bodies whatever we wish and fewer properties with "No Trespassing" signs. Let more people "Yell at the house, 'Hey! What gives you the right?'"

I don't want world peace or to eliminate world hunger.  After all, there has to be evil somewhere or we would not know we were good.  I would like to see something to replace disease, maybe a genetic limit that stops reproduction at a population density of more than two people per square mile.

Most important of all, let's make Homo Sapiens a lot more like Homo Habilus.  This is a story I've already told elsewhere on this site.

God bless us everyone, everyday. Amen!

semiretired semiretired
51-55, F
Mar 1, 2010