Go Smith!

I know there are others out there. People who were OUTRAGED when Neo beated Smith in the last matrix movie. This is the group for you if you love Agent Smith!

Agent Smith worked too hard... in the end he even assimilated Neo! In my opinion that's when the movie should have ended, Neo loses Smith rules. You might be asking why? There was no reason for Smith to be deleted when he assimilated Neo, Neo was hooked up ta a machine that wasn't an antivirus search and destroy thing. If anything, Smith should have infiltrated the system at that point and taken over the machine city. Agent Smith was an awesome character and he is one of the only villains I think should have won! I was biting my teeth when he was taking over Neo and I took a deep breath right at the same time Smith did. In fact I shared the reaction of Smith, relieved thinking he had won, and confused and mad when he was deleted. For all of you out there who would wear a shirt that sais,"Agent Smith, insert hand here" Welcome to the club! The shrine for the awesome, strong, undefeatable, and well dressed antagonist that is Agent Smith!
FormalFiend FormalFiend
18-21, M
Dec 7, 2012