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I wanted mywife to have an affair and she did! she was sleeping with one of her coworkers behind my back for several months. Now he is her boyfriend and they see each other regularly
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Yes NWC322. Being kept in the dark , when you know something is happening is wretched. It's awful. Its good that your wife is enjoying this at a non sexual level . Are you sure that she isnt just doing it to please you. I'm not sure I would want that. Apart from the personal excitement for me, the main draw for me is that my wife would intense pleasure. people on here have used the word ' Gift '. I think that is a good way of looking at it. I want to give my wife the gift of occasional freedom.

Fb1891. I wouldnt want to be kept in the dark at all. If it works for you that is good. Part of the intensity for me is that I can share this with my wife. I get a great deal of pleasure from giving the gift of sexual freedom to my wife . She hasnt used that freedom totally. She has had dates. and texts a favourite guy. The main thing is that she shares it with me. We use this to enhance our sex lives. To do that I need her to be open with me.

As I have said in my stories, my wife and I have not had a sex life for some time. I suppose, to protect my sanity I deliberately switched off. This was hard to do because she is very attractive.<br />
When she recently confessed to having a sexual relationship with someone, i suddenly saw her in a new light. Its like the chains and weight of denial had been taken off me. It is hard to explain , but it was almost like I wanted to thank her. It was great that she had talked openly ( and it must have been hard for her ) . <br />
My biggest problem is that it was like a switch had been flicked in my brain. She was no longer the straight laced person I imagined, but a sexual sensual woman. My fantasy of her with someone else kicked in again. Instantly , I wanted her again. The problem is that with my ED i will be unable to satisfy her. That fuels my fantasy even more. <br />
She never liked me talking about this , and said I should be jealous. I was at the time. But I was also turned on by her.<br />
<br />
Maybe I should just not admit to her that these feelings have emerged again.

How did the reality compare to the fantasy, when it happened for real. I can remember when I realised my wife and an older Coworker were more than just friends. It wasnt the fact that I realised she was having fun with him. that up set me. it was the fact that she blotted me out of her life at the time. She wouldnt talk to me about it at all. I was completely sidelined. <br />
You will have to guard against being kept in the dark. That is what hurts. The fact your wife is having a romantic fun time and perhaps sex with someone is very exciting.

the reality is more intense than the fantasy, actually being on the sideline is part of the fun for me. she doesnt alwyas tell me whats going on and i love it when she gives herself to him completly... i wouldnt want her to keep me completly in the dark but a little privacy for them is fine