One Major Problem Though

I sat beside two nuns one night at a concert that my mother had dragged me to.  They pitied me and bought me ice-cream and lemonade and talked to me and I decided that I wanted to be a nun.  I liked the idea of the convent life and had probably watched Sound of Music a few too many times.

One problem being that I was a Protestant and of course in my innocent youth had no idea of the concept of magdalene laundries and various other elements of the organisation that somewhat infringe on human rights.

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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Its got nothing at all to do with God. It's a bunch of power crazy control freaks and hypocrites using religion as a way of satisfying their own twisted needs.

I saw the film 'The Magdalen Laundries' based on the real story. Innocent young girls punished for being raped, admired, or for nothing at all. I could not stop crying for days. And the Laundries did not shut down until the 1990s!

Blue Nun? A German nunnery.

I worked for nuns as a nursing auxiliary in a nursing home. I was an innocent 18 year old when I got the job and thought it would be like being in a 'Sound of Music' type scenario. I was soon to be disillusioned!