As Promised

Ok here goes, based on true fact

I had to leave home to become a trainee in a job in the big City, I was a nervous youth and managed to get lodgings on the recomendations of my mothers friend.

To fill in the gaps a bit, i was youngest child and only son with 3 elder sisters, even my cousins were girls and all three of them older than me. As a lad money was tight and hand me downs appeared from the cousin closest to my age this was how i ended up having to wear girls pants and vests and things just kind of developed.

At the age when i went to the city i had a private box full of my dressing up bits and as i was very shy and introvert this was the key of my own sexual excitement.

Of course i couldnt leave the box at home to be found by my mother or sisters that would be too humiliating for words so i took it with me and installed the contents in the bottom drawer of the dressing table in my bedroom.

She was a spinster in her early fifties, she came from Cuba and had come to this country for her safety, she lived alone and my lodging with her was a way of her having an income enough to live on.

All went well for a week or so, i was at my politest and she more or less treated me as one of the family, until one monday. I had been home for the weekend, i managed to do that once a month, i travelled straight from work with a light bag and left all my belongings there at my lodgings and returned to my lodgings Monday evening after work.
I walked into the door, shouted hi and ran up stairs to bring my bag to my room and there on the pillow was my pink shorty nightie with matching panties. I could have dropped through the floor, my face on fire and my heart thundering. I heard her voice then telling me to come downstairs. I didnt want to go, I felt meek, ashamed and upset but her voice was very authoritative.

She was in the living room standing there, i can see her now, "why have you been hiding things from me? I dont know if i can trust you anymore" those were more or less her words. I babbled a bit, i must admit, sorry seemed to be repeated and please please dont make me leave. I was truly worried she would kick me out and i really didnt have anywhere else to go.
I wont drag this out but she told me that i would have to be punished for being a liar and decietful (I cant see how i lied about my secret, i just was too humiliated to tell anyone, especially not her) I was ordered to ***** off all my clothes, there and then, infront of her, i tried pleading, i really did try to get out of it, but she knew that she had me over a barrel.
I undressed, slowly trying to hide myself as i did and leaving my pants on, she had nothing of it and wouldnt stop until i was suitably naked and handed over all my things to her.
It was then she sat on the dining chair, "over my knee you little liar" i remember those words now, i have dreamed about them many times since, i remember the tearful way i approached her and the fear in my heart at the time.
I was over her knees then, her bare hand laying on my bum as she began to tell me how it would be from then on, you have no idea what mixed feelings were going through my mind, her hand like that as i was naked like a baby over her knees.
The spanking started suddenly and i screwed up my face wanting it to end so that i could just go and hide, but it is never that easy, her hand was very hard and very strong, probably from her upbringing and life and she didnt stop until i was sobbing like a baby, feeling like a totaly broken submissive wreck.
She pushed me onto the floor then, i half lay there looking up at her through my tears saying how sorry i was, but she was totaly matter of fact, telling me to go upstairs and put on my nightie and to get back down for my supper so that she could go through the rules for me staying with her any further. I couldnt believe my ears and i didnt know which part of me hurt more, my bum or the humiliation i was feeling.

I did obey her, but thats another story and i dont suppose you want to hear about that you?
Riche Riche
46-50, M
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yes i want to hear all about it sweetie...

Oh please continue.. I would love to learn what your role became after that....