Spanked By My Landlady

 When I was 17 to 19 I went to school in a different town and had to live away from home for the first time.  I stayed with several different landladies who were recommended from the school.

I guess I was a normal teen, a bit awkward, mouthy and pretty lazy, maybe a little young for my age.  Away from home I probably behaved worse than I did when I had my mother breathing down my neck all the time. Looking back I was a bit of a pain to have around.

I got yelled at regularly by my landlady, late in, late for meals, room in a mess, rude, backchat, you can imagine. I remember she used to send me to my room, to study, when she reached boiling point but that was all. Except one time.

I had been winding Mrs Hicks up even worse than normal and it ended with me swearing at her and walking out of the kitchen slamming the door making a cup fall off the counter and breaking. Well she came after me as I went up to my bedroom. She sat on the bed, grabbed me and pulled me across her knee. There was a slipper under the bed and I guess she gave me just two swats before throwing it down and walking out. I stayed in my room for about a hour and when I went downstairs she just looked at me.

Although I tried not to upset her after that, it was near the holidays and she said I better find somewhere else. I was really sorry as I liked her and was comfortable in the house.  I sometimes wished she had been a bit stricter with me. If she had spanked me properly when I first started pushing things we might have got on better and maybe I could have stayed longer with her.

Now as I get older I cant forget and find situations where a teen is spanked by someone other than their parents get to me. It might be a landlady like it was then, or maybe a young girl working as an au pair or perhaps an exchange student.

Anyway thats my story and I often wonder if I am the only one with this experience.

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A spanking from a woman with authority make me horny, but it is very difficult to find one that is capable of doing it.

As an exchange student to the US in the 70s I lived with a family; mom, dad and 13 y/o daughter. The girl and I didn´t go along from day 1. She were doing all kinds of things bugging me. Her parents were aware of the situation, but just told us to behave. Once she told me that she would ask her dad to spank me, but I thought it as a joke. In my native Sweden spanking was definetely out of the question as method of discipline.<br />
One day, after school, I discovered she´d been to my room, spying and moving my belongings. I went to her room leaving a note where I called her sick, mean and ugly. From the outrageous cry I knew she´d found the note and had read it.<br />
Dinner was very silent that night, but then the father suggested he and I should take a ride to his cabin at a lake up in the woods, where we´d gone for fishing a week before. I said ok and we went in his car, even if thought it was late for a trip as it was already getting dark.<br />
He was in his 60s, a very humid sort of person, but now he told me he was very upset and had to teach me a lesson, exactly has he would have taught his own older sons. I wondered what he ment.<br />
Arriving at the lake, he got out of the car and told me to follow him in to the wood. He picked up a rope from the trunk of a car and ordered me to move on.<br />
I couldn´t imagine what was going to happen, but at this point I got afraid.<br />
After a couple of minutes he told me to halt.<br />
"Now, it´s time to take consequenses of your behaviour. You do exactly as you´re told, or you´ll be sent home tomorrow. You understand?"<br />
There was a strange aggressiveness in his voice.<br />
"Yes, I think so", I stuttered. "What...what do you want me to do?"<br />
"Take all your clothes off!"<br />
"What?"<br />
"You heard me. Hurry up!"<br />
Very slowly I pulled off my sweater, stepped out of my sneakers, unzipped my jeans. He wasn´t really watching me, looking into the sky as observing birds, but all time glaring as to remind me to proceed. Finally I stood in my t- shirt and jocks. <br />
"Get naked!" <br />
It was almost unreal to stand nude in front of this strange, elderly man in a wood. He looked me all over as I tried to hide my private parts.<br />
"Get over there!", he said, pointing towards an everegreen. <br />
"Put your arms around the tree!" I did as I was told.<br />
I felt the rope along my back as he started to tie me to the tree. He made a thourough job, he was an old boy scout´s leader.<br />
When he´d finished he said:<br />
"I leave you now, letting you think your misbehaving over."<br />
Then he went. I was so shocked and puzzled I couldn´t collect my thoughts. I started to cry. <br />
After a while I started to think this was a strange punishment, but I would endure, even if it started to get chilly and there were mosquitos in the air.<br />
I couldn´t tell for how long he was gone. 15 minutes, maybe 20, or half an hour.<br />
He came up to me and looked at my face. I think he was pleased to find that I´d been crying.<br />
"Do you regret what you wrote in your note?"<br />
"Yes, I think so."<br />
"Not sure?"<br />
"Yes, I am sure."<br />
"Good. Just to make sure you never write anything like that again, I´m going to spank you know. You´ll recieve 20 swats from my belt, and I want you to count them."<br />
I started to tremble and to my astounishment got an erection.<br />
He walked away a bit. I heard him taking off his belt, bent it and then first swat hit me. It was the most painful thing anyone has ever done to me.<br />
Afterwards he released me, handed me a blanket and led me to the car. I lay on my stomach in the back for the whole ride home.<br />
I was home from school for the rest of the week.<br />
Next week I had my exchange program to help me find a new host family.

I also lived in a student house with a landlady. Of course she never spanked one of us, but one time we discovered she had spanked a teenage girl who helped with the housework. Remember it like yesterday!