A Girl Can Dream

So you keep saying... it just cant happen... well it did in my mind. In my mind we met and held each other and cried. You kissed away my pain. You existed to me.  And now its gone. And now I'm selfish. now i feel like i am wrong. How can i feel this way ? How can i even imagine what would happen ? I never wanted to feel this way. It hurts and i cant find a reason. You never touched me. You never kissed me. You only heard me cry. The walls fell hard and you want me to move on to something real. I spent a part of my life wanting a man who couldnt see me... the real me. A man i wanted to feel, touch and kiss. I wanted to experience this person. I wanted him to experience me. And now i feel i wasted time. Time i thought i had. And now he says. Stop feeling sorry for myself. Don't be like this. So now I'm being silly. Well thats just a small very small part of who i am...  

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
Jun 21, 2007