Don't Know Why....

I don't know why i crossdress, but i love to crossdress. It started at my age 4 in the kindergarten... I tried a leaf green satin skirt, and a girls shoe, but the memories i lost, after i tired them... Few age later, my parents divorced, i left with my mom, and i start wearing her clothes, high heels, painted my nails.. it was great experiences... I had many time to do that, because my mom working late, so almost all day i had a few hour to crossdress... So, its just started somehow... I feel more comfortable the womans clothes than mans clothes, i like to see myself in womans clothes, not in mans clothes... I feel great myself when i dressed, and i suffer in mans clothes. I hate the shirt with tie, but i love the blouses, skirts, costumes, high heels, and everything else which is feminine. If i cant wear very feminine ones, i still try to wear womans clothes, from the conservative ones. So.. Why not crossdress, why i need to suffer from old outdated clothing rules????
VivienXX VivienXX
26-30, T
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Half of the time I wear mans cloths I enjoy my morning coffe wear a dress