Just Want To Feel Comfortable

I have to admit that I started "Crossdressing" at an early age. It all started as I can best remember when i was about 9 or 10 playing in our down stairs laundry.  that is when i seem mom's panties and i thought I'd try them on for giggles and grins.  I felt this sensation come over me, the  later I was a Pin up model for my cousins dresses.  My aunt and gram would have me stand on this table with my cousins dresses on while they pinned them back to sew them .  I was the same size as my female cousins, and when they would get new dresses i was the model to be used to taylor them.  I remember wearing my cousins Prom Gown before she even knew she was getting one made.  There were times when i had to go out and play still wearing those dresses because mya aunts had to stop and make dinner for the family.  Funny thing was I never gave this much thought, and always thougt it was a normal occurance.  Now to this day I often put on womens cloths not to feel "Girly" but to feel comfortable and kick back and relax.  Those burdensome heavy jeans and bulky shirts make feel like I am carrying some heavy weight around.  I feel more comfortable wearing skirts and dresses and leggings with soft flowing tops.  All i can say is Ahhhh!  Feels so good to be home and kick back and dress in something light and comfy.
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8 Responses Sep 4, 2012

Did your Aunt and gran dress you in anything else? Do you think they knew it would make you who you are today?

I feel the same way dressing up to feel comfortable and sexy

I discovered out of curiosity how it feels when I tried on a pair of wife's panties,wow , since then my life hasn't been the same. Every chance I get I dress up ,it always makes me feel on outside how I feel on inside. I didn't know why I wasn't ever comfortable in my own skin , now I can feel right

Feeling girly just feels good

I couldn't have said it better myself hon! The first thing I do when my day is done is slip into something soft, light, sensuous and feminine!


the girlier the better

they certainly do

Good for you. I have been feminizing myself for the last month and enjoy it immensly. I am always in feminine garb and just love the feeling. I've been practicing my makeup but still stink. Sitting upright instead of slouching with knees together and ankles crossed is almost second nature, as is sitting down to pee at all times. Since I am on full disability and can't work my time is devoted to my new obsession. I only wish I had enough money to do it properly.

I'll bet wearing dresses makes you feel like you did when you were younger and brings back memories of your aunts and grandmother.