I Crave A Dog's Life.

I'd love to be a *****, as in female dog. I'd be very obedient and wouldn't rest on the furniture. I would love to be collared and leashed and taken to the park where we could plat fetch or just run free together. I would live in a kennel or a doghouse in the back yard, chained to a stake in the ground but with enough lead that I could do my business away from my living area. I would eat and drink from bowls, real dog food and treats would be fine. When I was in heat you could have me bred or just leave the gate to the yard open for some stud to find me. I'd love to give birth to a litter and have all my offspring suckling on my nipples. It would be hard to see them go after they are weaned, but I am the only pet in this family and can be bred again many times.
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this is my idea of heaven, im a furry wanting to be bred from, my fursona is a blue pitbull by the name of Kaia.

Sounds wonderful to me

I will like to be a plush toy.All i have to do is lay still all day.And when someone throws me on the floor, i feel no pain.I get free hugs everyday.I don`t have to worry about being hungry lol.

Interesting story.... I think I'd like to be a ***** cat. Meow!