I Am Determined to Do It!

I Have never been so determined to move out of home, currently.. i live in the Gold Coast, yeah...very beautiful.. if youre planing on having a holiday here..

Reality has never hit me harder..more like a ton of bricks!

So, whats going on you say?


Mainly, its just the whole step father thing..
I wont go into details about him..there is just no need to when theres one word that describes him so well..a BUM!

Then theres my mother, she has so much stuff to compalin about..
She is one of those people who loves attaention, no matter what! Dont get me wrong, i love my mum very much, but even i have limits..and im getting sick of her constant crying over "How terrible my life is with this guy i married" Yes mum.. but havent you been saying that for almost 10 years now?

She had a great plan..she always does
Then when she is just one final step towards meeting her goal..she backs down..last minute! Making up any silly thing like "Aww but i pitty him so much"


This is why (along with other reasons) why i have decided to move, sure..mum always looks at me with sad eyes..expecting that i will say "Dont worry mum..ill stay with you til youre 100 years old, and whipe your ***, and feed you..until i cant walk for myself" Hahaha!!

She just doesnt get the truth..which is haredr to admit than to see..
or something like that..

Good news is that iam 101% focused on moving out! I dont care what i have to do in order to move out..and make sure they dont follow me..
I just want my own life, and not have the same thing which happend to my mother and her mother (my garndma)
My Grandma died back in 2001 cos she had Cancer, but when us 3 lived together and i was only little, i still remember my mum having to take care of Grandma..
I dont wanto be the spitting image of my mum..mainly cos i dont want to be my mother!

But anyways..ive been talking to my good friend in Canberra (i used to live there before we moved here) and we are trying to plan somethings, cos she wants to move out too.. and we are talking about being flat mates
I realy love the idea! Cos i wouldnt go sharing with someone i didnt know..yknow? It can be wierd..**** goes missing, and sometimes can be dangerous!
slowly iam placing stepping stones for a good solid bridge to happiness!

Iam also realy keen on moving to Adelaide, (after i move to Canberra) cos my best friend is there, and i just wanto be there near him..atleast for the sheer facts that i love him alot, and hope to form a deeper relationship with him..

He's the kind of guy who makes you feel safe no matter what! He's funny, drop dead gorgeous in body and soul, and i feel awsome when im with him!

Ill see what happens, but iam sure we will see eachother again

Wish me Luck!
Natz Natz
22-25, F
4 Responses Jun 8, 2007

good luck :) hope it works out well :)

Did you move out?

Thankyou! :)

Good luck!