Accepting People For Who They Are And Not What Peeps Want Them To Be

i want to make some true friends just cause most people dont like me cause im different and yes im a different and im a country boy and will be til i die but the point im tryin to make is accept people for who they are and not what you want them to be and you will have true friends

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3 Responses Dec 16, 2009

It seems like these days it's hard to find people you can trust. So when you find a true friend, hang onto them. I am grateful for mine and do my best to be a true friend in return.

i believe what you say about true friends and<br />
vamp power! (not being a sarcastic *****,i mean it)

I agree with you completely about true friends.<br />
<br />
If you want to make real friends why not say I am a cowboy instead of a real vampire? lol :P<br />
<br />
Not trying to be mean just an observation :)