Two Years Service For Everyone

The Givernment has been so laxed about our service men and woman. Send them here and there without any recorse as to there lives being lost for what? Now I'm not minimizing the sacrifice of our soldiers. They gave there lives in what they believed in.

Now they are talking about a possible war with Iran over nucular power. I think before they decide to send another soldier, they should reinact the draft with previsions, heres why. One the soldiers today have gone back and forth so many times that it will eventually kill them one way or another.

Two, along with the draft, everyone one serves, no excuses unless there is health and other issues that can ot be overlooked. Congress and the Senate and President will have to send there children as well. Both men and woman. Another thing let there be a war tax and rassion everything.

Everyone is involved in some sort of service when there is war time. Let Congress think twice before they decode to put out another hot spot and make them feel the pinch. Or send more troops out to die.

Once they have lost there loved ones, they are less likely to send our troops arond the world.
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One other thing, make it as expensive as hell. When there isn't war, put money back into society, build roads and bridges. Build homes for the homeless, invest money into growing food, research in medicine. Build our millitary and train them to protect the boarders. Stay out of harms way unless we are attacked. When we are strong again, we will fight with a much stronger force and they are less likley to pick a fight with a stronger country., A country worht fighting for.