one day l was siting in bed l workup l had peed my pants my mum come up what is up l side l wet the bed she went out for a bit with a bag in there hand she got out a nappy it was huggies nappies & she got a baby mat out it was size 5 it was nice pic on it she side to me if you wet in l will change you 2 mins late l was wet she went out she come back with a baby potty & boy pull ups & girls pull ups you have to use the potty a gen l side no she put the boys pull ups she side you wet the pull ups l will put you in girls pull ups you will wear the girls pull ups all the time she got a girl dress l had to wear it all the time my sister seen me in the girl dress she put me in a size 5 baby nappy my mum check me l was wet and messes put me up and put me in girls pull ups l love diapers & pull ups
nappiess nappiess
Aug 22, 2014